"I-I..I LOVE YOU, P-PLEASE GO OUT WITH ME!" Shira was stunned finally her lifelong crush confessed to her dont forget he was her bestfriend too. It was a painfull silence both with a faint blush on their cheeks then Shira spoke looking down with her black bangs for her eyes. "I-I.." she started and look up to him with a faint smile and teary eyes "I really would like to go out with you..Keiichi-Kun!" Keiichi looked at her and couldnt believe it at all he pulled her in a loving embrace wiping her tears away with her and said; "Thats great..And dont cry..I wont let you down..My love" When he said 'my love' her eyes widen and looks at him blushing a deep red. "I-Idiot..." Keiichi smiled at her in a gentle way and let go of the loving embrace but, Shira had other plans. She grabbed his arms and pulled them back around her resting her head against his chest closing her eyes. "Keiichi..I..I've always loved you.."she ended burying her face on his chest. Keiichi let out a small chuckle. "I know..Thats why i stayed friends with you..Shira..I've always loved you too..So now i am asking, will you stay with me forever?" He said with the most loving smile he had. Again Shira was stunned at the words Keiichi said and just gave him a weak nod. "Really? Thats great! Ah..I almost forgot" He leaned forward holding her cheeks comming closer and closer each moment until his lips touched with hers. Shira was yet again stunned her green eyes shimmering from suprise. It maybe didnt last long but she could feel the love in it. Keiichi looked at her and had a big grin on his face. "You look quite cute like that maybe i should do that much more!" It didnt really help Shira actually it didnt help at alland because of that she was even redder then tomatoe's. She was speechless she didnt know what to say but deep inside her heart, she knew she didnt have to say anything. She knew Keiichi really loved her and Keiichi knew she loved him...

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